In our collaboration with ST Engineering, we undertook the project of enhancing their office space through vibrant satellite murals. These captivating artworks not only serve as aesthetic embellishments but also function as visual narratives that chronicle the evolution of technology. Beyond surface-level decor, the murals are strategically designed to inspire a dynamic and innovative atmosphere within the workspace, embodying ST Engineering’s steadfast commitment to progress.

The corridor wall mural transcend mere decor, injecting creativity and brand identity into the workspace and  transforming the office environment.

The wall mural not only enhances the office ambience but also serves as a captivating photo backdrop. It leaves a lasting impression on visitors, providing a unique and memorable experience.

Representations of satellite advancements on the corporate office walls, serves as a compelling visual testament that instills a sense of pride and inspiration among the workforce, fostering an environment that reflects the company’s pioneering spirit.

GSK Creative stands as a local design agency specialising in crafting distinctive wall mural designs that transcend industries across Singapore. With a deep understanding of various materials and installation challenges inherent in diverse office environments, our extensive experience positions us as experts in this field.

Beyond mural design, we excel in shaping brand visual identities, having successfully contributed to numerous corporate branding projects. Our comprehensive expertise ensures seamless and impactful solutions for a range of clients and industries.

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