JOMO Studio, a local business specialising in Vegan and Eco beauty products, sought to enhance its brand presence through social media.

  • Product Understanding: JOMO Studio faced the challenge of educating consumers about their unique beauty products, such as hand and body wash tablets, and facial wash tablets, which required more explanation than conventional products. However, the social media audience typically has a low attention span for reading lengthy posts.
  • Low Engagement: The brand experienced low engagement on its flat posts, as they didn’t resonate with the audience who preferred quick, visually engaging content.
  • Building Brand Awareness: With less than 1000 followers and being a new brand, JOMO Studio struggled to spread brand awareness effectively.
  • Limited Likes: The posts lacked relatability, resulting in fewer likes from the audience.
  • Community Growth: JOMO Studio aimed to foster a like-minded community but lacked a clear strategy to achieve this.
  • Organic Growth: The brand had not invested in ads, relying solely on organic growth, which resulted in slow progress.

Our Strategy:

We humanised the JOMO Studio brand through personal, emotive videos such as founder stories and behind-the-scenes footage, fostering an eco-conscious image and emotional connection. Educational videos simplified product features for easy understanding. Captions were revamped to resonate with the audience, reinforcing brand values. Collaborations with influencers amplified brand messaging and extended reach. Our strategic content provided valuable takeaways, moving beyond static posts to engage the community. Introducing video ads accelerated audience engagement and effectively conveyed the brand’s message, contributing to overall growth and impact.