We had the pleasure of collaborating with Singapore Children’s Society on their recent annual report. The report highlights the organisation’s caring side, with each illustration representing the vulnerable youth they support. To capture this sentiment, we incorporated a combination of watercolour illustrations and cursive typography, creating a soft and friendly look and feel. The overall design encapsulates the theme of ’70 years of bringing hope and smiles!’


Our team used a unique combination of sketch style illustrations and watercolour to give a warm, soft and personal touch to the report’s design. The illustrations bring the organisation’s work to life, while the typography enhances the report’s overall tone. The result is a visually engaging and emotionally compelling annual report that truly reflects Singapore Children’s Society’s values and mission.



Through our work with Singapore Children’s Society, we aimed to create a report that both informs and inspires. Our design approach successfully captured the organisation’s caring spirit, and we’re proud to have been part of bringing their important work to the forefront.