In partnership with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), we crafted a captivating wall mural commemorating their 20th anniversary. This visual narrative showcases significant milestones and pivotal moments in a chronological timeline, symbolising the remarkable journey of SBF.



Celebrating their achievements, the mural is adorned with a vibrant gradient at its core, seamlessly blending the distinctive blue and red brand colours. This artistic representation not only pays homage to the organization’s history but also serves as a dynamic focal point, drawing attention to the impactful strides made over two decades of collaboration and success.



Collaborating seamlessly with SBF, our team leveraged extensive expertise in wall mural design and installation to create an outstanding mural for their office space. Our experience and skill in crafting visually impactful designs ensured a stunning result that perfectly complements the professional atmosphere of the SBF office.

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