The ribbon concept for the St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH) and Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS) corporate brochure has been thoughtfully curated. It symbolises the continuous flow of services and enduring love that the organisations extend towards the community. The ribbon flows downwards in a graceful, fluid manner, signifying the seamless manner in which the five pillars of services are offered to the community.




( 8pp Double Gate Fold Marketing Brochure )




Appeal Leaflet Design

The appeal leaflet effectively highlights the unity of all services provided by SAMH and SACS as readers move from one page to the next. The leaflet achieves this by utilising a consistent gradient effect throughout all collaterals. This effect effectively changes the colour scheme of the leaflet, creating a unique mood that aligns perfectly with the organization’s values and mission.




Publicity Collaterals

The word “love” is beautifully formed by combining the colours of multiple services provided by SAMH and SACS. Along the flow of the ribbon, different photos are thoughtfully placed to showcase each of the five pillars of services. This design approach effectively captures the essence of the organisations’ commitment to spreading love and care throughout the community.


( Web Banner Design )


( Poster Design )


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