In a strategic move to enhance the visibility and unified identity of NTUC Health, our agency has spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding initiative, consolidating all existing brands into a cohesive and impactful singular entity.

Explore the complete suite of marketing collateral we’ve meticulously crafted for NTUC Health, ranging from corporate stationery, staff passes, folders, wallpapers, banners, brochures, wall murals, vehicle design, polo apparel, and beyond. Witness the transformation as we present a unified and compelling brand presence across diverse touchpoints.



Driving away from a design that is too clinical and portraying the approachable and caring nature of NTUC Health as a healthcare provider. The hand holding heart element is built with variations of line and curve extension, that creates design depth where required and a minimal touch when information is heavy.

Converging multiple services of NTUC Health into a unified entity forms a robust vertical line, one of the 7 key elements in graphic design defined by a point moving in space. The corporate stationeries and brand assets of NTUC Health prominently feature a continuous vertical line graphic. Utilising lines to evoke different moods, we also incorporate the line element as a continuous unbroken line graphic and as a sketch background in certain brand assets and marketing collaterals of NTUC Health.

Crafting corporate lanyards for diverse professions within NTUC Health, our design seamlessly blends functionality and professionalism. Each lanyard is tailored to reflect the unique identity of various professional categories, employing a mix of colours and illustrations.




NTUC Health’s brochures showcase the diverse array of services they provide. Each brochure is designed to inform and guide individuals towards the specific services NTUC Health provides, ensuring clarity and accessibility across their diverse offerings.






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