A ribbon concept curated for St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital (SAMH) and Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS) corporate brochure. It represents the flow of services and everlasting love as it extends downwards in a soft flowing manner, depicting how it serves the community through the five pillars of services.




( 8pp Double Gate Fold )




Appeal Leaflet Design

Moving from one page to another, it showcases the unity of all the services that SAMH and SACS provides as the colour changes accordingly. The gradient effect is consistent on all collaterals to create a different mood fitting for the organisation.




Publicity Collaterals

The colours of multiple services of SAMH and SACS come together to form the word love – different photos are placed along the flow of the ribbon to showcase each pillar of services.


( Web Banner Design )


( Poster Design )


( Social Media Post )