In order to help individuals and families recognise the full suite of services that NTUC Health provides, the company has decided to engage us to move all their existing brands into ONE.

Check out the full deck of marketing collaterals; from corporate stationaries, staff passes, folders, wallpapers, banners, brochures, wall murals, vehicle design, polo-t apparels and more, that we have curated for NTUC Health.



Driving away from a design that is too clinical and portraying the approachable and caring nature of NTUC Health as a healthcare provider. The hand holding heart element is built on with variations of line and curve extension, that creates design depth where required and a minimal touch when information is heavy.

Multiple services of NTUC Health coming together as one – forming one strong vertical line. A line is one of the 7 key elements in graphic design defined by a point moving in space. A strong continuous vertical line graphic is used in the corporate stationaries and brand assets of NTUC Health. As lines can come together to create different moods, the line element is also used as a continuous unbroken line graphic and as a sketch background in some of the brand assets & marketing collaterals of NTUC Health.