Teaming up with NTUC Health for their ‘Care for Caregivers’ campaign, creating visually captivating content such as social media posts, stories, Instagram stickers, and a caregivers’ checklist. Vibrant illustrations and attention-grabbing icons were used to raise awareness about the challenges caregivers face while celebrating their dedication.



The carefully crafted artworks for marketing campaigns draw inspiration from the authentic Singapore healthcare environment and personas. They delve deep into portraying the realities of life, ensuring a profound and genuine connection with the audience through social media stories. These designs go beyond mere aesthetics. They provide a true-to-life representation that resonates with the audience on a meaningful level.



We created a series of Instagram stickers aiming to champion self-care among caregivers. These true-to-life portrayal stickers encourage and remind caregivers to prioritise their well-being, urging them to indulge in rest and pursue personal passions. From the simple joy of baking to the relaxation of watching movies, the stickers serve as uplifting prompts for caregivers to reward themselves.




GSK Creative excels in crafting campaigns that captivate audiences with exceptional aesthetic appeal. Our team possesses a keen understanding of design principles and a flair for creating visually stunning content that resonates with the target demographic. Whether it’s through compelling visuals, innovative layouts, or attention-grabbing elements, we consistently deliver campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

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